Bank Holiday Giveaway announcement

Bank Holiday giveaway!

I’m excited to announce that for the entirety of the August Bank Holiday here in the UK you’ll be able to nab the two ebooks I have on Amazon for free!

For the whole day on Monday August 25th 2014 you will be able to download:

Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons

A gritty and desperate tale of hope against seemingly unwinnable odds, Oranges and Lemons tells the story of Scott Whitney as he tries to fight against a great beast that threatens to ruin his farm and tear his family apart – a fight that has tragic consequences.


You can also find a FREE AUDIO VERSION of Oranges and Lemons here

Rememories: Short Story Collection


Go on a series of intergalactic and interspacial adventures in Rememories – a collection of edited short stories by Richard Holliday. Written over the course of 2013, Rememories contains enhanced and edited versions of these stories that you won’t find anywhere else!


I’d be thrilled if you could take the time to claim your free copy of whichever ebook you fancy; feedback is ace but enjoyment is the priority!

Rememories Promotion!

Just a quick update to raise awareness of an upcoming promotion for my recently-published short story compilation Rememories!


I’ll be making Rememories free of charge on the Kindle store as part of what I’m calling Free Fiction Friday, so be sure to grab a copy and let me know what you make of it! You should be able to grab the eBook for free from around 8AM British Summer Time (because Amazon has the mistaken belief that the meridian is located somewhere in the Pacific).

If you’re not aware, Rememories is a collection of the short stories written by me during 2013, and the writing of these made me realise that being a writer is something I want to take totally seriously. These works have been significantly and painstakingly edited and enhanced from the free versions still available on my site today!

Save these links for later this week! :-)


Rememories Released!

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce today that my edited short story collection Rememories is officially released on the Kindle store!


Rememories is a collection of the short stories I wrote during 2013. They’re mainly classical science fiction adventure and space opera stories but there’s a few more “conceptual” ones hidden in there I think you’ll all enjoy!

Rememories is important personally because writing each successive story across last year made me realise that writing is something I want to pursue as more than a hobby, and later this year I’m excited to be taking this forward by embarking on a degree course in English Language and Literature!

I’ll not be updating the short story pages on this site with the edited versions included in Rememories; they’ll stay as they are. I feel that given Rememories has taken quite a lot of intensive editing and poring over a small admittance fee is not unjustifiable. Rememories is yours to keep forever on Kindle for $2, which works out at around £1.20 in proper money.

I’m really excited to see how my edited short stories are received! I know that this release is months behind my original (read: optimistic) schedule but I’ve put a lot of work into making these stories the absolute best they can be. If you check them out I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Purchase Rememories here:


Announcing Rememories

At the end of January 2014 I hope to be releasing an anthology of my short stories from 2013 which I have entitled Rememories! Included will be:


The Boreal Singularity
The Lone Star Express
Medusa Dawn
The Jump
Awaiting Instructions
The Cloud

First of all, the original editions of each of the stories will remain available on their respective pages from when they were originally published; however, I am going to be taking away the more explanatory text there and incorporate it into a foreword to each story.

Secondly, I will redouble my efforts to give each of the stories a thorough edit and cleaning up for presentation in Rememories; hopefully addressing any feedback that may have arisen and also to take advantage of experience gained writing the later stories to spruce up the earlier ones. Writing them was a complete learning experience and one I hope to continue!

I’ve not yet made a decision as to whether Rememories will be a paid download; I’ll keep you informed! Let me know what you think!

In the meantime, you can check out all my short stories by following this link! :-)