Bank Holiday Giveaway announcement

Bank Holiday giveaway!

I’m excited to announce that for the entirety of the August Bank Holiday here in the UK you’ll be able to nab the two ebooks I have on Amazon for free!

For the whole day on Monday August 25th 2014 you will be able to download:

Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons

A gritty and desperate tale of hope against seemingly unwinnable odds, Oranges and Lemons tells the story of Scott Whitney as he tries to fight against a great beast that threatens to ruin his farm and tear his family apart – a fight that has tragic consequences.


You can also find a FREE AUDIO VERSION of Oranges and Lemons here

Rememories: Short Story Collection


Go on a series of intergalactic and interspacial adventures in Rememories – a collection of edited short stories by Richard Holliday. Written over the course of 2013, Rememories contains enhanced and edited versions of these stories that you won’t find anywhere else!


I’d be thrilled if you could take the time to claim your free copy of whichever ebook you fancy; feedback is ace but enjoyment is the priority!

What’s Happened to The Cloud?

Eagle-eyed readers may be aware that my short story The Cloud, which is my first foray into post-apocalyptic fiction, is currently password-protected and hence unavailable to read on my website.

I’ve had to make The Cloud unavailable because I’ve recently submitted it for consideration for the next series of BBC Radio 4 series “The Time Being” which aims to showcase short stories by unpublished writers. I found out about this opportunity through Twitter where my good friend Si posted a link detailing the submission process. After a lot of careful thought I decided that The Cloud was worthy of slight modifications to be eligible for entry. After a bit of procrastinating and umm-ing and ahh-ing I finally submitted The Cloud on Friday.

However, one of the stipulations was that stories being submitted should “ideally not be available in print or online”; hence the story is temporarily inaccessible to cover my bases. If I don’t hear anything within around 4 weeks I’ll assume my submission has been unsuccessful and allow access back to The Cloud on this website, with the additions and enhancements I made for submission included.

It’s been quite an experience and definitely food for thought. Now I’ve made one submission I really feel better exploring and exploiting further opportunities to get my work out there. I also feel that in The Cloud I have some really strong submission material that I’m really proud of. I’m certainly now game also to writing bespoke short stories purely for the purpose of submitting to contests as an alternative to plundering my own back catalogue.

Finally, I’ve some great plans for The Cloud. I’m really proud of what I achieved with it and had great feedback, so it’s going to become my premier contest submission material for the medium term at least, until better falls from my brain. I’m also pleased to announce that I feel it’s worthy of expanding into full novel format at some point in the future. Preparatory work has already started – though that’s a post for another day!

Rememories Promotion!

Just a quick update to raise awareness of an upcoming promotion for my recently-published short story compilation Rememories!


I’ll be making Rememories free of charge on the Kindle store as part of what I’m calling Free Fiction Friday, so be sure to grab a copy and let me know what you make of it! You should be able to grab the eBook for free from around 8AM British Summer Time (because Amazon has the mistaken belief that the meridian is located somewhere in the Pacific).

If you’re not aware, Rememories is a collection of the short stories written by me during 2013, and the writing of these made me realise that being a writer is something I want to take totally seriously. These works have been significantly and painstakingly edited and enhanced from the free versions still available on my site today!

Save these links for later this week! :-)


Extra Time Short Film – A Project Worth Backing!

Eagle-eyed followers of my blog will remember a few months ago I posted a Q&A with Surrey-based filmmaker Gary Thomas about his career and autobiographical project, and you should check that out here for a fascinating insight.

Today I want to share with you Gary’s latest project in the realm of short film and why you should consider backing it!

Extra Time

Gary is working with his long-time collaborative partner Mark Lever to make this summer an ambitious and unusual new film called Extra Time – about a time-travelling football player who tries meddling with the mists of time to save his teammates from an untimely end.

I’m excited about this project for a number of good reasons. It’s a step outside both Gary and Mark’s comfort zone as filmmakers and will present some intriguing but also enlightening challenges that will make a valuable experience with which to develop their careers. The script is ambitious and entertaining with an original premise, plus the team have already got some sci-fi stars on board in the way of Charlie Ross (from the Doctor Who audio plays) and Louise Jameson (companion to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor in the 1970s) to make Extra Time stand out as a truly galactic endeavour.

Gary and Mark are also pushing their boundaries to a new form of fundraising in the form of an Indiegogo campaign. This is another new step for both Gary and Mark and I feel it’s a further democratisation of the arts and they can benefit hugely from it.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t be telling you this if I didn’t think Extra Time had the great potential to be a cracking little independent film. It takes a lot for me to back things financially but I do think Extra Time has a great potential to utilise Indiegogo to great effect to further the careers of two very talented filmmakers but also to make a really entertaining product with some great production values.

Gary especially has form for making really successful and innovative short films – his great split-screen film The Dog and the Palace won a distinction for it’s connection to the 2012 Olympic Games and was a great example of innovative filmmaking with great production values for a small budget!

Your donation could make the difference between Extra Time looking like naff 80s Doctor Who or Pacific Rim. Have a look at the campaign page, watch the pitch video and hopefully give the guys a hand in their new film!

IndieGoGo campaign page for EXTRA TIME

Gary Thomas’ website