The Landlady

Two travellers end up in the town of Medford. It’s late, it’s now where they intended to be, and there’s no trains. A night at Holman Hall beckons, but the two travellers have no idea what awaits them at the hands of… the landlady!

The Landlady is a 10,000 word short story written and presented in the style of, and as homage to, James Herbert, one of my favourite authors. It formed a core part of the my Dissertation project when studying Creative Writing at Kingston University in 2018.

This edition also includes the Reflective Essay I included as part of the Dissertation project, discussing my influences and aims in writing The Landlady and discussing the aspects of James Herbert’s work that I had identified as part of my intention to write an homage.

Praise for The Landlady:

A chilling and gripping short tale, definitely one to add to your Halloween reading list!

Rosie Clarke

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