The Thaw

Two of decades ago, nuclear fire rained on the world. Today, the ashes of civilisation live on in the Frontier Camps, safe and sound from the Wild outside the fences.

But the camps harbour a deadly secret that threatens all of the survivors…

A bright morning sun gingerly peeked across the dawn horizon, gazing down upon the plains at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The rays carefully laid down upon the fragile earth below, still raw with the wounds it had seen so recently, rousing it from sleep. It was a quiet morning. They always were. If the city below could still breathe it would take the first gasps of a new day.

Instead, though, the city remained motionless. Choked long ago by atomic fire. Undisturbed fog hung in the streets. Cracked asphalt roads that crisscrossed the land between buildings lay silent and dark. The sun finally broke through the cloud towards the eastern part of the city. Smoke rose from a few huts as the fires below started breakfast.

The Thaw by Richard Holliday (Chapter 1)

The Thaw is a post-apocalyptic thriller novel of around 104,000 words. It follows the story of Elian Sarkov – a young medic living in the Denver Frontier Camp. He’s lived there since infancy and has known nothing else but the strict order, sense of safety and rough justice that the Camp provides, and lives and works with his wife Jacelyn – a refugee from the Wild itself.

One day, however, the routine is finally broken. A man comes to the Camp, and asks the townsfolk one question: where are the children?

That same day, another visitor comes to Denver: the President of the United States.

Things begin to change rapidly. In a daring moment in the dead of night, Elian’s life changes forever and he is forced into the Wild to face his most potent fears. His wife, Jacelyn, is taken from him, along with his future. The quest to rescue her leads Elian on a mission that will change the face of the Wild and the world beyond it…

The Thaw is currently at the third draft stage (105,000 words), and I am actively looking for beta-readers! My plan from then is to have the book evaluated, edited and then start the quest to find an agent!

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