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Livestream (9/10/2020)

This past weekend I took part in a live writing stream on Bethany Votaw‘s YouTube channel – talking all things writing, my work-in-progress The Thaw, beta-reading and, oddly enough, condiments! Watch the discussion below:

This was really fun and I was honoured to have been asked by Bethany to participate. You may very well see me in more livestreams in the future!

Also subscribe to Bethany’s channel for more content and streams!

Announcements, Miscellaneous

Website Update

This past weekend I spent a lot of time rebranding my website and giving it a fresh new look! Redesigning any website can be fraught with difficulties and this was no exception but I am pleased with the results.

I’d decided to move away from the On Holliday branding – as I felt it was a bit tired at this point (it was a play on Stephen King’s On Writing, plus a playful riff on my surname) and didn’t quite fit what I wanted from the website any more.

Going forward with The Thaw, as the book inches closer to possibly publication, I felt the old branding detracted from this as home of my writing, so I have given it a rethink and settled that I am the brand, not On Holliday.

I’ve also spent a lot of time rejigging the theme so it’s less busy (and, frankly, less amateurish) and I have settled on a clean, minimalist less-is-more thing after looking at several other author websites. I also took valuable counsel for graphic design-minded friends that the header had become too busy (the keyboard motif being quite on-the-nose) and overbearing.

Rest assured all the content is still there blog-wise but it should be a nicer experience and bring my writing more to the forefront!

Do let me know what you think of the redesign if you like it!