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Rememories Promotion!

Just a quick update to raise awareness of an upcoming promotion for my recently-published short story compilation Rememories!


I’ll be making Rememories free of charge on the Kindle store as part of what I’m calling Free Fiction Friday, so be sure to grab a copy and let me know what you make of it! You should be able to grab the eBook for free from around 8AM British Summer Time (because Amazon has the mistaken belief that the meridian is located somewhere in the Pacific).

If you’re not aware, Rememories is a collection of the short stories written by me during 2013, and the writing of these made me realise that being a writer is something I want to take totally seriously. These works have been significantly and painstakingly edited and enhanced from the free versions still available on my site today!

Save these links for later this week! :-)


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