Livestream (05/06/2021)

Last weekend I was delighted to be invited by Barrett Laurie to talk about my novella Nightmare Tenant and all things writing (and me!) on his YouTube channell. I had a great time and Barrett was a fantastic host! (My DSLR ran out of batrtery approx 1hr 50 mins in).

You can watch the discussion in full here:

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Bank Holiday Giveaway announcement

Bank Holiday giveaway!

I’m excited to announce that for the entirety of the August Bank Holiday here in the UK you’ll be able to nab the two ebooks I have on Amazon for free!

For the whole day on Monday August 25th 2014 you will be able to download:

Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons

A gritty and desperate tale of hope against seemingly unwinnable odds, Oranges and Lemons tells the story of Scott Whitney as he tries to fight against a great beast that threatens to ruin his farm and tear his family apart – a fight that has tragic consequences.


You can also find a FREE AUDIO VERSION of Oranges and Lemons here

Rememories: Short Story Collection


Go on a series of intergalactic and interspacial adventures in Rememories – a collection of edited short stories by Richard Holliday. Written over the course of 2013, Rememories contains enhanced and edited versions of these stories that you won’t find anywhere else!


I’d be thrilled if you could take the time to claim your free copy of whichever ebook you fancy; feedback is ace but enjoyment is the priority!


“Oranges and Lemons” Audiobook Release!

I promised a “big media announcement” regarding my short story Oranges and Lemons (which has been on Kindle a year now, wow!) and here it is… I can proudly say that the audiobook of Oranges and Lemons is available right now!

Oranges and Lemons - Audiobook

I’ve worked with my friends Jamie and Elliot over the course of 2013 to bring Oranges and Lemons to life through the medium of audiobook. Jamie is a sound designer and musician (check out his site!) and has worked really hard to encompass a truly professional standard in the final product. Elliot, while an animator by profession, has also added depth through his vocal reading, so check out both of those people.

In terms of the audiobook itself I have elected to host it via BandCamp; it seemed to provide the most flexibility in terms of sharing content. Oranges and Lemons is free to download, but as it was produced professionally (in both standard and production) if you would like to contribute then I’d really appreciate that!

So, what’re you waiting for? Grab it now in time for you Monday commute! :-D