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“Oranges and Lemons” Anniversary!

It’s been exactly a year since I released Oranges and Lemons as my debut Kindle publication!

Oranges and Lemons

I’ve more to share later about Oranges and Lemons, including a very exciting media announcement involving the work! Keep your eyes peeled on my site and my Twitter later! :-)

Project Page


Addendum: couldn’t do the whole thing now as I totally forgot about the anniversary until late last night!

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Kindle Free Weekend! (18-19/5/13)

Update: The free weekend is now over, and was a great success! Thanks to all! :-)

I’ve decided that this coming weekend my two Kindle titles, short story Oranges and Lemons and sci-fi novel Colonisation will be available to purchase for the princely sum of free! (Scroll down for links!)

Oranges and Lemons/Colonisation Free!

Why am I doing this? As a pretty unknown author, it takes a lot to get people to part with cash to see what my work is like. As both titles are subscribed to the Kindle Select program (and hence Kindle exclusives) I’m allowed an allotment of free days to market with. If I offer my work for free then those sitting on the fence can feel a bit better at trying my stuff out without having to invest.

So folks, keep your eyes peeled for promo tweets from my Twitter account @rjpholliday near the end of the week! The promotion lasts from midnight Saturday morning to midnight Sunday night but as Kindle works on barmy Pacific time for some reason (with no option to change!) you’ll actually be able to get my work from 8AM Sunday to 8AM Monday!



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Audiobook Experiences

Today I had the great privilege to spend the afternoon with my good friends Elliot and Jamie as we recorded the majority of the audio version of Oranges and Lemons, the short story I wrote last autumn and released on Kindle (project page here)

Oranges and Lemons recording session

We got nearly the entirety of the story down, with a few things left to pick up but that should be no problem when we recommence for a second session.

I’ve collaborated with Elliot and Jamie before on an audiobook of the three readied chapters of The Last of the Steamers which you can find embedded on its project page; it was certainly different to work with them on a short story that was totally different to Steamers; there were numerous comments made about the improvements in the concise nature of my writing and certainly a lot of fun was had giving each of the characters a good voice.

As a writer, it’s always a ton of fun to see one’s writing really come to life as even something like an audio reading can do. Oranges and Lemons is a dark story but numerous times it was described as “captivating” by Elliot who read it; he actually hadn’t read the ending and will be doing so extremely shortly now he’s gotten into it!

As a team, we’ve now pretty much nailed down a workflow that works for us – I’d hazard to guess that Jamie will explain more in a future blog post.

I’ll be making the Oranges and Lemons audiobook available for free once it’s completed and put together. Jamie did a grand job producing the previous one and I look forward to recording more auditory versions of my writing with the guys in the future.

Next up? Quigley Hubb!