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Rememories Released!

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce today that my edited short story collection Rememories is officially released on the Kindle store!


Rememories is a collection of the short stories I wrote during 2013. They’re mainly classical science fiction adventure and space opera stories but there’s a few more “conceptual” ones hidden in there I think you’ll all enjoy!

Rememories is important personally because writing each successive story across last year made me realise that writing is something I want to pursue as more than a hobby, and later this year I’m excited to be taking this forward by embarking on a degree course in English Language and Literature!

I’ll not be updating the short story pages on this site with the edited versions included in Rememories; they’ll stay as they are. I feel that given Rememories has taken quite a lot of intensive editing and poring over a small admittance fee is not unjustifiable. Rememories is yours to keep forever on Kindle for $2, which works out at around £1.20 in proper money.

I’m really excited to see how my edited short stories are received! I know that this release is months behind my original (read: optimistic) schedule but I’ve put a lot of work into making these stories the absolute best they can be. If you check them out I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Purchase Rememories here:


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