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Announcing Rememories

At the end of January 2014 I hope to be releasing an anthology of my short stories from 2013 which I have entitled Rememories! Included will be:


The Boreal Singularity
The Lone Star Express
Medusa Dawn
The Jump
Awaiting Instructions
The Cloud

First of all, the original editions of each of the stories will remain available on their respective pages from when they were originally published; however, I am going to be taking away the more explanatory text there and incorporate it into a foreword to each story.

Secondly, I will redouble my efforts to give each of the stories a thorough edit and cleaning up for presentation in Rememories; hopefully addressing any feedback that may have arisen and also to take advantage of experience gained writing the later stories to spruce up the earlier ones. Writing them was a complete learning experience and one I hope to continue!

I’ve not yet made a decision as to whether Rememories will be a paid download; I’ll keep you informed! Let me know what you think!

In the meantime, you can check out all my short stories by following this link! :-)


Short Story: The Lone Star Express

The Lone Star Express
by Richard Holliday

“Cornella, are you ready yet or what?”

Travel satchel in hand, Marzilli stood at the edge of the gate which was the threshold between the Station and the Train which waited. Time was ticking by, inexorably toward the booked departure time. He called again to his colleague. “We’ll miss the departure window!”

Indeed, and it wasn’t a fate that was welcome. Certainly, Control would be more than happy to relieve the company of several thousand credits in fees. They would have to wait for another day to extract those costs; Garth Cornella, the junior attendant, raced through the passageway toward his senior colleague.

“Ready away, Paul!” he chirped, and a beaming grin was stretched from ear to ear on his round, puffy face.

“That’s Mr. Marzilli to you, young man!” Marzilli scolded half-playfully. “And why are you so happy anyway?”

“First time out!” Cornella whistled cheerfully.

Marzilli remained stony. “You’ve attended Trains before.”

“Yeah, but not the Express!”

This assertion was correct. Cornella had rolled it lucky in securing this assignment – the Lone Star Express. Even though it was a relatively new service, it was without question the most prestigious space-train of them all: from one side of the Ampersian Alliance, across nearly half a galaxy to the hub of the whole Alliance itself, the planet Ampersia-I.

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