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Announcing Rememories

At the end of January 2014 I hope to be releasing an anthology of my short stories from 2013 which I have entitled Rememories! Included will be:


The Boreal Singularity
The Lone Star Express
Medusa Dawn
The Jump
Awaiting Instructions
The Cloud

First of all, the original editions of each of the stories will remain available on their respective pages from when they were originally published; however, I am going to be taking away the more explanatory text there and incorporate it into a foreword to each story.

Secondly, I will redouble my efforts to give each of the stories a thorough edit and cleaning up for presentation in Rememories; hopefully addressing any feedback that may have arisen and also to take advantage of experience gained writing the later stories to spruce up the earlier ones. Writing them was a complete learning experience and one I hope to continue!

I’ve not yet made a decision as to whether Rememories will be a paid download; I’ll keep you informed! Let me know what you think!

In the meantime, you can check out all my short stories by following this link! :-)


Short Story: Medusa Dawn

Medusa Dawn
by Richard Holliday

The sight of the rocket terminal grew to dominate Jessie’s eyes as the transit car erred ever closer. With a deep breath, partly of excitement and partly of trepidation, the young girl prepared herself for blastoff. It wouldn’t be long.

Clouds of dust, refracted by the heat of the atmosphere, billowed over the curved translucent resin that formed the roof of the transit car. It roared ceaselessly across the dry, baking Venusian landscape leaving the Colony City long-disappeared and the spaceport and shuttle growing like a sole metallic tree on the horizon.

Silence filled the transit car as the occupants, three specially-selected tourists and their entourage swept into the spaceport. One of them, an older man, turned around in his seat to look at Jessie.

“Looking forward to it still?”

Jessie was daydreaming, her attention lost on the scorched dirt outside. It took a second for her father’s voice to register and her body to turn back. “Oh? Oh yeah. I can’t wait.”

Jessie’s father smiled. “You’re in for quite a treat up there.”

Indeed, she and her friends were, as they’d been specially nominated to tour the brand new Medusa Platform space-station that had been constructed near the planet, and billed as a ‘world off-world’. Nothing more had been said, and even though Jessie’s father worked for the corporation that had built the station, Medusa Corp, she’d been told nothing except to prepare for quite a surprise.

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