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Announcing Rememories

At the end of January 2014 I hope to be releasing an anthology of my short stories from 2013 which I have entitled Rememories! Included will be:


The Boreal Singularity
The Lone Star Express
Medusa Dawn
The Jump
Awaiting Instructions
The Cloud

First of all, the original editions of each of the stories will remain available on their respective pages from when they were originally published; however, I am going to be taking away the more explanatory text there and incorporate it into a foreword to each story.

Secondly, I will redouble my efforts to give each of the stories a thorough edit and cleaning up for presentation in Rememories; hopefully addressing any feedback that may have arisen and also to take advantage of experience gained writing the later stories to spruce up the earlier ones. Writing them was a complete learning experience and one I hope to continue!

I’ve not yet made a decision as to whether Rememories will be a paid download; I’ll keep you informed! Let me know what you think!

In the meantime, you can check out all my short stories by following this link! :-)


Short Story: The Boreal Singularity

The Boreal Singularity
by Richard Holliday

The arrival of a purple mist across the black, star-studded emptiness of space prompted movement from the chair in the middle of the Boreal Singularity‘s bridge.

“Target nebula in range, Captain Noble,” a smartly dressed officer said, not looking up from his computer console as he watched the clouds form in unison on his digital display and through the window. “Tundreum deposits look extremely promising.”

“Thanks, science.” With a shuffle, the Captain stood up. “All stop,” she commanded, and the engines fell silent. “We’re here.”

The great cloudy, stodgy nebula waited for the Boreal Singularity‘s entry; it had prizes that the Singularity was eager to claim. Though the outer edges of the nebula were misty and translucent, it was in the thick, paste-like inner parts of the nebula that flowed like syrup suspended in space that nuggets of tundreum were to be found.

On the weather deck, the team down there was waiting, knowing what was to come. This was all standard procedure for them on a harvesting ship whose job was to stick robotic protuberances into nebulae just like this and wrench forth the valuable tundreum and refine it into sweet, pure fuel. This was the fifth nebula in as many weeks, and the trip was nearly over: this nebula and one more before the quota was met and the Boreal Singularity could make for home.

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Collection Intention

Hey guys, just a quick update to let you know what I’ve been working on.

As part of my New Years Resolutions post, I said that I would be writing a short story every month to practise my craft. I’ve done exactly that – January, I wrote a story and I’m well into work on the one for February.

I’ve really enjoyed doing some 5,000 word shorts so far – they’re easy to write and read, and I think they’re a great medium for experimentation with concepts and ideas that a full novel may be too much work (for both the reader and myself) for something that might not quite hit the mark in execution.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I will collate the short stories that I write into a collection which I will then place on Amazon (and other book sites in time) in the summer. The name for this first collection is to be Rememories, so keep a look out!

The five or six stories that will be in Rememories will be published for free on here on my site, but the collection will be a paid product, probably around the same price as Oranges and Lemons currently sells for (77p).

The idea here is to get more of my work out there and available to my lovely readers. I had intended to publish the first short story, The Boreal Singularity, by the end of last month but it’s with a trusted beta-reader and unfortunately is about 170 miles away from his notes for a while. I hope to have it out by about next week! If you want to know immediately when The Boreal Singularity is ready then by all means subscribe to my email updates (link in the sidebar), my RSS feed or go to my contact page and nab my Facebook/Twitter details.

Really looking forward to seeing what you all think about this idea!