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Kindle Free Weekend! (18-19/5/13)

Update: The free weekend is now over, and was a great success! Thanks to all! :-)

I’ve decided that this coming weekend my two Kindle titles, short story Oranges and Lemons and sci-fi novel Colonisation will be available to purchase for the princely sum of free! (Scroll down for links!)

Oranges and Lemons/Colonisation Free!

Why am I doing this? As a pretty unknown author, it takes a lot to get people to part with cash to see what my work is like. As both titles are subscribed to the Kindle Select program (and hence Kindle exclusives) I’m allowed an allotment of free days to market with. If I offer my work for free then those sitting on the fence can feel a bit better at trying my stuff out without having to invest.

So folks, keep your eyes peeled for promo tweets from my Twitter account @rjpholliday near the end of the week! The promotion lasts from midnight Saturday morning to midnight Sunday night but as Kindle works on barmy Pacific time for some reason (with no option to change!) you’ll actually be able to get my work from 8AM Sunday to 8AM Monday!



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