Website Update

First of all I’m extremely happy at the response to my free Kindle weekend! There has been a fantastic uptake in my promotional book offer, with over 325 redeemed free books!

This has really buoyed my attitude to book marketing using social media , especially Twitter. Using the correct hashtags got my content out there and onto the Kindles of literally hundreds of people. With that I’m sure to get some reviews of my work to go forward with and hopefully I can translate free books (which I’m sure certainly sweetened the deal on this occasion) into sales in the future!

Colonisation did extremely well, and gained a few milestones on the Top 100 Free books over the weekend!

Colonisation Amazon listing

In other news, my short story Simulacrum has kinda lost a bit of steam but I’ve identified what I need to do finish the draft and I’ll aim to get that out and to my beta-reader by the middle of the week, with publication online within a week of that with luck. I’ve also got some interesting story ideas for development once Simulacrum is cooked.

I’ll also be writing soon about my plans for the Rememories short story collection I want to put out; a few aspects of it have changed but I’m sure you’ll understand my points.

Until next time!

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