Welcome to On Holliday which is the blog and website of me, Richard Holliday. That’s me in the photo above!

I’m currently studying Creative Writing and English Literature at Kingston University in order to refine and better my writing craft. I’ve been writing on-and-off for a long time since before I was a teenager and it’s definitely my creative outlet. I made my first forays into “serious” writing in 2010 when I took part in National Novel Writing Month and it is that experience that has propelled me into pursuing writing, which is a hobby I love, into a more serious endeavour. While success seems just out of reach I’m passionate about my ideas and abilities and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

On my site I aim to talk about my thoughts and feelings, mainly to do with my reading and writing – I’m an avid reader and also a “promising, talented” writer, so On Holliday is going to be where I exhibit both my critical abilities through reviews and articles and my own work through stories and project updates. My strength lies in my fiction writing which I hope to showcase more of on this website!

With this site being my very own corner of the Internet I also hope to talk about issues close to my heart that may not fit quite in with my main remit of reading and writing – these include ruminations on the subjects of society and politics to which I hope to add to the discussion.

Some authors I highly respect as influences are James Herbert, Stephen King, Michael Crichton and Lee Child. I enjoy mostly thrillers and science-fiction novels, such as Jurassic Park, The Martian, The Expanse, with special mention to post-apocalyptic books such as The Day of the Triffids, The Girl with All The Gifts and Children of Men which have influenced my own writing, of which post-apocalyptic fiction is a favoured subgenre.

Politically I identify as a libertarian conservative, and am a member of the Conservative Party.

I currently reside in South London.

If you wish to contact me then feel free to message me on Twitter where my handle is @rjpholliday or on my Goodreads profile.

Alternatively, you can always email me at: richard@richardholliday.co.uk

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    1. Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for the notification! I’ll be more than happy to give answering you questions as soon as I can!

      I’m also quite touched that you included my blog as you genuinely enjoyed it and felt connected with. Certainly quite a compliment for me. It’d be awesome if you’d be able to tell me what I’m doing right sometime! :-)

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