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Nightmare Tenant launch giveaway!

Last weekend my new horror novella Nightmare Tenant launched! I am really pleased with the response and am truly humbled by all those who have supported this so far. I think the book’s decent and certainly was a lot of fun to write!

If you haven’t grabbed the book yet,  you can get it from Amazon UK and Amazon US!

Today I want to bring to your attention my exclusive launch giveaway where you could win one of:

  • 2 signed paperbacks
  • 5 signed A3 prints of the cover

To enter this, all you need to do is send an email with your:

  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Proof of purchase (a screenshot of your Amazon order would suffice)
  • Which edition you bought

Please enter by 23:59 GMT (UK time) on April 30th 2021 as the draw will take place on May 1st. Full competition rules can be found on the giveaway page.


Thanks once again!

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Announcing Nightmare Tenant!

I’m thrilled to announce my latest project – a horror novella of around 37,000 words entitled Nightmare Tenant.

Chivron Tower is a relic from the past. A twenty-five storey monument in concrete, steel and glass to a bygone age, for years it has been left to rot in an anonymous part of the city. But the winds of change start to flow through the Tower’s corridors, landings and stairwells with the swing of a sledgehammer, screwdriver and paintbrush. New people begin arriving after decades of dereliction. But the very soul of the Tower grows restless, disturbed by this modernisation. The story follows the new residents – the good and the good-for-nothing who realise that all is not as it seems, and the facelift is only skin-deep as they face life and death in a building occupied – in every sense of the word – by a nightmare tenant…

I’d originally started this story in October, hoping to put it out in short story form by Halloween, but this simply didn’t happen. I’d actually been toying with this idea – my idea of an innovation on the classic “haunted house” horror trope – for some time and once I started writing it I just couldn’t stop!

What’s really exciting about this story is that it’s the first novella that I have written – as I wrote the first draft, which I have very recently completed, I realised the story I had in my mind just seemed to “fit” into this form. There was too much story for a short story, but not quite enough for a novel so the novella format called and I accepted the charges! I was pleasantly surprised with the twists and turns the story took – not just a pure horror, but shades of soap opera and disaster movie threaded in there – and the work to edit it into something great begins imminently!

I’ve already got some really exciting plans for Nightmare Tenant – building upon my experience writing The Landlady, except I wasn’t shackled to writing a homage to any particular author; instead, this story contains my voice throughout it’s very DNA – culminating in an independent release in Q1 2021. Stay tuned for more updates on when you can move in!

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Beating the Lockdown Tedium – Project Shoutouts

It’s the start of the Easter Holidays here in the UK, and the weather is lovely, but we can’t go out due to a national lockdown in relation to Coronavirus. But that doesn’t mean we need to all be bored – here’s a few projects of mine (and by some friends) I think may help turn the tide of lockdown boredom!


You can read my latest short story – a 12,000 word sci-fi horror piece called Growing Storm HERE – really excited to see what people make of my latest story. It’s a “spooky sci-fi sea shanty” inspired in large part by the classic novel The Day of the Triffids – with my own twist, too!


I released a Doctor Who fan-film in February that I, with a compendium of lovely friends, made over the last three years entitled Reverence of the Daleks. It’s recently hit 1,000 views on YouTube so I’m thrilled by the success so far. Find out more and watch the film through my website HERE!

Also I feel it’s right to shout out two other projects by good friends that I feel are worth promoting while we’re in the sharing mood:


Read my good friend Chris Kenny‘s guide to preparing for his first big bodybuilding show – it’s an honest, authentic account of a personal journey and very inspirational. You can view the ebook on Amazon HERE.


Long-time Twitter friend Sam Richards has been working hard on his interactive fiction project StoryMechs and will be running a new interactive story in April to help alleviate lockdown tedium, check out all the details on Sam’s Patreon page HERE.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these unknown times and give a thought to checking out these fantastic projects!