Month in Review (April 2013)

OK, it’s the end of the month and time for my second review of my writery activities over the last four weeks or so:

Big deal: Colonisation launch! – I’m really pleased to have gotten Colonisation out the door at last! It was a bit of an arduous final stretch and the launch day was postponed by a couple of days as I was on the verge of burnout but I did get the Kindle edition out and you can buy it here!

Getting my first “proper” novel out into general availability really brought home that I’m a writer now and I’ve actually some published work! It’s a great feeling but the work has only really  begun because, as a self-publisher, the onus is on me to market my work. I seem to be finding my feet pretty well so far; amazing how useful Twitter has been.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the print edition (made possible courtesy of CreateSpace) which is now for sale:

Colonisation Print Edition

Buy Colonisation on Amazon (print and Kindle editions available) here.
Project page, with tons of info and extracts is here.

Simulacrum  – I’m currently working on a new short story that’ll eventually be in my upcoming collection Rememories; this project is entitled Simulacrum and is based around a forgotten waste-disposal station that uses cloned workers as a cheap, disposable workforce for their own ends. I hope to highlight some interesting ethical dilemmas around that premise while also having an exciting adventure from the inevitable cock-uppery that entails. Hopefully out by the end of next week!

Quigley Hubb 2I’m trying to get back into Quigley’s world but it’s proving a bit difficult to pick up where I left off; however, I’m going to finish the second adventure and post it up as soon as possible!


Month in Review (March 2013)

I figured it would be a splendid idea to do posts at the end of each month going forward as a bit of a retrospective on the events of the previous four weeks and what I aim to achieve coming forward.

It’s also a great opportunity for me to weigh up how much I failed to get done so hopefully will be an excuse to keep on at stuff to make my end-of-month reviews far more interesting.

Colonisationmy novel Colonisation is so close to completion it’s really quite frightening, with just a chapter left to edit, and ending to tweak and set up for Book 2 (ooo!) and a name change to implement with my trusty friend, Find and Replace. As I’ve been a bit busy with my day job, I’m pushing the release back a couple of days to give me more time to make this book all I want it to be, and perfect for you!

Yes, I’m avoiding a release on April 1st for… obvious reasons

Short storiesI did initially plan to write a short story every month and release it but it’s gone completely to pot, time-wise. Colonisation has eaten up so much of my writing time, but I have produced two short stories that will form part of my Rememories collection this summer. I’ve plans for the third and will be writing that, in addition to finishing Quigley Hubb 2, as requested by more than one eager fan!

Readingas well as my writing on other projects has been eaten up by my novel release, so has the time I have been able to devote to reading; however, I’m picking up momentum again and I’m looking forward to getting back into some great stories! I’ll keep my reading list updated for you of course!

Overall plansI’m going to take a well-earned break once Colonisation is out and in the wild. I’ve a few projects, namely a CreateSpace print version, marketing and the aforementioned short stories to chew on, but I will be taking a break for a couple of months before embarking on my next big project. Got a few blog ideas that pertain to the realm of sci-fi to write also that will be fun, differing things to do.

I look forward to bringing you some new content very soon! If you’ve any comments on what I’ve put out so far, please by all means get in contact using the comment forms on each post, or head on to my contact page!



The “Purity” of Traditional Fiction?

I’ve really come to find I love writing stories. It’s just so to get personally involved and emotionally connected with characters and situations and just make interesting things happen.

I’ve gotten to know, through the power of Twitter, a fair few people who share my passion for fiction writing, however, a fair number of these people seem to have had modern takes on storytelling. One runs a role-playing series on Twitter which has been really successful, so much so his “normal” writing is pretty much on hold as he experiments with this format. Another plans to tell a story through the viewpoint of the protagonist’s Twitter account, and also wants to explore narrative through computer games. I’ve also seen plenty an iPad app that “supplements” a book with rich pictures, character bios and maps that don’t seem added on, but as part of the main package that’s expected to be explored to build the story. There are many more examples but these I can testify to knowing of personally.

All of these things are wonderful; however, none of them appeal to me as means for me to convey my own work. I just wanna, well, write. And I feel a tad anachronistic by holding onto the big block of text.

It certainly feels quite quaint and dowdy to aspire to just write paragraphs and paragraphs of prose for the reader to sit down and read. It’s not terribly “interactive”, to use the current buzzword, is it?

The opinion that crystallises in me is that these forms are all well and good, but allow the medium to become the focus, and the actual story takes a back seat or has to make compromises to accommodate the medium. The “purist” form of storytelling, I’ve come to think, is still the prose; nothing gets between the words on the page (or eInk screen) and the reader’s imagination.

Interactivity is nice, but ultimately I want to just get “into” a story and not have to focus on how I’m consuming the story. And you know what? In terms of “purity”, I think I prefer it that way.

How do you feel? Are you a traditionalist or modernist in this sense? And do you agree with my views here? Leave a comment; I’ll get back to you!