Month in Review (April 2013)

OK, it’s the end of the month and time for my second review of my writery activities over the last four weeks or so:

Big deal: Colonisation launch! – I’m really pleased to have gotten Colonisation out the door at last! It was a bit of an arduous final stretch and the launch day was postponed by a couple of days as I was on the verge of burnout but I did get the Kindle edition out and you can buy it here!

Getting my first “proper” novel out into general availability really brought home that I’m a writer now and I’ve actually some published work! It’s a great feeling but the work has only really  begun because, as a self-publisher, the onus is on me to market my work. I seem to be finding my feet pretty well so far; amazing how useful Twitter has been.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the print edition (made possible courtesy of CreateSpace) which is now for sale:

Colonisation Print Edition

Buy Colonisation on Amazon (print and Kindle editions available) here.
Project page, with tons of info and extracts is here.

Simulacrum  – I’m currently working on a new short story that’ll eventually be in my upcoming collection Rememories; this project is entitled Simulacrum and is based around a forgotten waste-disposal station that uses cloned workers as a cheap, disposable workforce for their own ends. I hope to highlight some interesting ethical dilemmas around that premise while also having an exciting adventure from the inevitable cock-uppery that entails. Hopefully out by the end of next week!

Quigley Hubb 2I’m trying to get back into Quigley’s world but it’s proving a bit difficult to pick up where I left off; however, I’m going to finish the second adventure and post it up as soon as possible!

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