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“The World Eaters” – Name A Star System!

I’m currently on the precipice of commencing editing work on my grand space opera book The World Eaters as the first read through of the draft (simply to refresh my memory) has been an absolute blast and really got me thinking about it and how I can involve more people in the shaping of the work.

I’m not really the most interactive of writers but I have been thinking over the last few days that there is scope for interaction with my audience as I start the process of editing this book. Anyway, as The World Eaters takes place in a ruined yet vast galaxy where two distinctly different factions of surviving humanity jostle for control, I thought it would be fun to get suggestions for the names of star systems that characters and events travel to and take place in.

If you’ve ever played, say, Mass Effect you’ll easily note the abundance of discrete systems on the galaxy map that each have names and histories. I really applaud the writers as I really struggle with names; I have to resort quite often to generators and lucking the draw. Pulling mysterious, somewhat archaic-sounding names for planets, systems, ships etc seemingly out of a hat is really quite tough – and frustrating!

It’s been hard to really pin down the sorts of names I want, but here’s a quick criteria of what I’m looking for if you’ve some ideas rattling around:

  • Classical (Greek, Roman etc) – eg the Herculaneum system
  • Mythological – eg the Hydra system, the Wyvern system
  • Whimsical/random – eg the Hexagon system, the Mezzanine system
  • Unusual Names – eg the Amadeus system

If you’ve any random words rattling about, send them in too!

So how can you participate and possibly have a small hand in the shaping of a sci-fi epic? Either fill out the form below or send a Tweet with the hashtag  (click to send a tweet!)

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