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Quick Note: Colonisation Distribution

Just a quick update to inform you that I have elected to disable distribution on Colonisation via paperback format while I work on a second edition of said book over the summer.


As I’m not sure how long it takes CreateSpace to update the records on Amazon, please do not buy my book on there in paperback format if it’s listed as currently available; you’ll simply be wasting your money. I appreciate your interest but the second edition is going to be an improvement I’d like you all to enjoy and it’d be mighty tricky if you buy the first edition in paper form when a new one is around the corner!

The Kindle edition is still available as updating that is a matter of trivial ease; I will upload the second edition there and hopefully Amazon’s infrastructure will push it out to customers as quickly as possible.


(Also, no Monthly Review this month as I’m terribly busy moving house. Sorry!)

Anyone trying to auction now-rare First Editions should kindly pay the author at least 20% of the proceeds! ;-)

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