Month in Review (May 2013)

Wow, it’s been so busy that I nearly forgot to do my monthly review… and then promptly forgot. Apologies of course!

May 2013 was quite a month! Only a couple of things pertaining to May really stand out but there is some important news regarding June that I’ll get to!

Main thing for May was the Colonisation/Oranges and Lemons free Kindle weekend that took place about halfway through the month. All I can say is that I’m astounded at the reaction to my work from a lot of people; over 3450 free ebooks were claimed across both titles and I’m eagerly awaiting the reviews! So nice to know that people are investing the most important thing of all – time – into my work. Makes it all worthwhile.

Short story news: Simulacrum is about to be sent out to a couple of guinea pigs and I aim to have it in some final form for delectation in about a week! Nice to finally get this one nailed; word count creep has happened!

Also, sent out three physical copies to some rather nice, deserving people, who appreciated the sentiment. More will go to those deserving, but you’ll have to be patient, and I’ll explain why…

I’m going through a house move scheduled for June and hence I’m not making any orders for products when I cannot be sure of where I’ll physically be living to have them delivered to. Might be sans internet/desktop computer for a short while too, but expect a “going offline…” post before that happens!

Anyway, thanks again to all those who’ve taken an interest in my work! I’ve some really cool stuff planned that I’ll let you all know about soon!

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