Oranges and Lemons

Oranges & Lemons

“The future,” Scott grunted, peering cautiously and, deep down, suspiciously, at the great stacks and chimneys. The applause was not audible from this distance, but he didn’t need to hear that to know that this was the start of… something. A few wispy trails of smoke began to rise, clouding in the sky and trailing into the atmosphere from the plant’s many little orifices and funnels.

The transition had indeed begun.

I wrote Oranges and Lemons as a bit of a challenge to myself – to write a realistic, quasi-historical tale that conveyed a message I really felt like telling. Yes, it was out of my comfort zone of planets and meteors, but it was a great writing experience and one I really enjoyed. I look forward to writing more short stories not necessarily of the sci-fi bent but that tell intense stories like I believe I did so with Oranges and Lemons.

A gritty and desperate tale of hope against seemingly unwinnable odds, Oranges and Lemons tells the story of Scott Whitney as he tries to fight against a great beast that threatens to ruin his farm and tear his family apart – a fight that has tragic consequences.

Oranges and Lemons is 10,800 words in length, and available on the Kindle store right now! Check it out! UK link / US link

Praise for Oranges and Lemons:

Oranges and Lemons proves that short stories- especially free ones- have the potential to be great.” – Jake Donbavand

“Set in an almost-real 80s rural America, it reads in part as a semi-polemic against the excesses of industrial capitalism.” – MrMook

“Does what a good short story should do – gets your brain going! A really engaging look at new and old cultures colliding, and the fallout that ensues.” – Sam Richards

You can also grab the official audiobook of Oranges and Lemons! Click here for more info or check out the player below!

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