Colonisation – the First Month

My book Colonisation has now been available for general delectation for about a month in Kindle format and now a print book thanks to the lovely people at CreateSpace.

Colonisation (Click to visit Amazon Page)

Sales have been modest but I’ve shifted some copies which is nice; however, I’m not doing this for money. I just feel I’ve a really good story to tell in Colonisation  (and more to come!) and would be really humbled and appreciative if people could read it. To those that have copies so far, I am eternally grateful for your choosing to fly with me today.

Anyway, I’m still trying to find a best way to market Colonisation so people are aware it exists. I don’t want to browbeat anyone into actually buying it; rather I’d just love for people to download the sample chapter and see if they like it.

I’m going to be letting Colonisation go for free this weekend as part of the Kindle Select program; hopefully this’ll help people understandably reticent about sinking money into an unknown, new author try out my work.

What I’d also really love is for some reviews – I’m sure Colonisation isn’t perfect and some reviews would help me in two ways: they’d help me know what I need to work on for my next book and would also let prospective purchasers have some idea on the book before they buy it. So if you’ve read my book, please go over to Amazon and leave a review! It doesn’t have to be long, just rate it and say if you liked it or not. I’d be most grateful! :-)

If you need a link, look… below!

Also available in print via the above link


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