Piracy – Now part of the SciFi Max Cyberpunk Special!

I am thrilled to announce that you can read my short story Piracy as part of the SciFi Max Cyberpunk Special – available online now!

SciFi Max - Cyberpunk Special

I am truly thrilled to be a part of this e-zine, as it’s chock full of some really great stories, artwork, articles and comics that, this month, celebrate the fascinating subset of science fiction known as cyberpunk! Focusing on high-tech and low life, cyberpunk is encompasses everything about the far (and not to far) future – artificial intelligences, corrupt mega-corporations and the technological singularity that threatens to envelop humanity!

This also means that Piracy is my first officially published short story! I am really pleased that Piracy made the grade; I feel it’s a conceptually sound story with a really nice twist! So go forth and check out the magazine! Right now! For free!

SciFi Max – Cyberpunk Special (March 2015)

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