Website Update


Just a quick update today. Got some exciting new projects that, in the next week or two, should prove excellent post material! So, what’s to come?

  • I’m going to be doing an official announcement of the short film I’m currently concepting; the concepting and pre-writing phase is nearly concluded so it’s time to let you know what my first foray into the world of screenwriting is all about!
  • I’m an avid fan of Classic Doctor Who and have a substantial collection of DVDs and I feel it’s my duty, almost, to review a selection of them. I’m going to start with my personal preferences (of the late-80s era) but hopefully cover some of the more famous and infamous releases. Either way, it’s an opportunity to flex my muscles, review-wise and bring you some great content!
  • I’ve also made a slight alteration of course regarding my future: this Autumn I’ll be studying English Literature with Creative Writing as opposed to a more general English Language and Literature degree. I feel this specialisation is more in the direction I want to go and, as I’m pursuing this purely academically (for now) I want to make sure it’s a course I’m 100% crystallised toward doing. Definitely check out my post on this matter from earlier if you’re interested!

Until next time!

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