Oranges and Lemons – March Giveaway!

UPDATE:  This promotion has now concluded. Thanks to all who took part! :-)

With spring fast approaching, I felt there would be no better way to celebrate than to offer my short story Oranges and Lemons to you for free on Kindle this coming weekend!

Oranges and Lemons - March Giveaway!

Be sure to check back on my site for all the information you’ll need to take advantage of this offer! Due to the way Amazon runs promotions using Pacific Standard Time, you should be able to grab Oranges and Lemons for free from around 8AM on Saturday March 1st 2014 to the same time on Monday March 3rd!

At the same time, the Oranges and Lemons audiobook will remain available, so don’t forget to download your copy!

Oranges_Lemons_tiles_UK Oranges_Lemons_tiles_US

More information can be found on the Oranges and Lemons page where you’ll find details about the story, some generous praise and links to the audiobook!

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