Write Weekend

It’s Bank Holiday weekend here in England and I’ve decided to take my upcoming days off as a serious opportunity to hone my craft a bit and give some projects a timely kick up the backside!

So for the three days off I have ahead I’m planning to achieve three things (all themed around the number five, funnily enough):

  • Edit five sides my sci-fi novel Colonisation.
  • Write 500 words of my short story The Transdimensional Megastore
  • Read 5% of my current Kindle book, The Player of Games by Iain M Banks

Never know, might even get near the big folder of draft blogposts too, but we shall see!

I’ll also throw in a needed website update later today! The site’s been lacking and I need to update my Reading List and such like!

It’ll be interesting to see how much I can get done over this little space of time, so be ready for an update late on Tuesday to see if this spur-of-the-moment craziness worked or not!

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