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Colonisation – Getting A Second Go

I’ve been quite nervous about the incoming reviews of Colonisation that I’ve been pitching for over the last week or two, and it seems that now they’re coming in, my work with Rad on Mars is yet to conclude.

General feedback has been of praise of my classical-style writing and an exciting second half. However, the perils of self-publishing have bitten me with some quite embarrassing typos and grammatical errors, probably associated with my mad rush to finally achieve the date I had set myself. In hindsight, I should’ve given myself some more time.

One of the benefits of publishing electronically on Kindle is the ability to quickly and easily revise one’s work with new book files that are automatically (to my understanding) pushed out to those who have purchased the work in any form via Kindle. This really takes away one of the more anxious aspects of bookwriting, in that once it’s done, it’s done, even if after the fact there are aspects the author may want to change slightly.

Therefore, by the end of September I am aiming to have given Colonisation another round (or two) of editing, shaken things up a little and will present to you a second edition of my first full work. I will be working on other projects but I suppose this one’s like a first girlfriend and you never quite forget about it entirely.

If I don’t feel ready for an October re-publication, I’ll let you know. I will leave the first edition on Kindle for the time being – rest assured that if you read it and have issue, your comments will be addressed! Do keep reviewing! :-)

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