#SuggestionSaturday (30/3/2013)

I’ve decided to get a bit of involvement with my social media community in the form of something I call “Suggestion Saturday” and I hope to get steered into new stuff to experience!

The inaugural Suggestion Saturday is in aid of something I’ve wanted to do for a while but not known where to start: explore classic sci-fi literature more. It’ll be a great experience and a great inspiration.

Specifically this week, I’m after examples of the work of Isaac Asimov, one of the pinnacles of science fiction!


Do you have a particular work of Asimov that you think I’ll enjoy? What story would serve as a good introduction to his work especially? Send me a suggestion here; can’t wait to see what’s sent in! :-)


Some Blogosphere Recommendations

I’m still rather busy migrating a lot of content over to my new site, and working on a new short story entitled The Boreal Singularity which I aim to have done in a couple of weeks.

However, this does not mean there is a shortage of content from the smashing people I have decided to place on my links page!

  • First up is Downfall of EAV Cyrium by my good friend Jake. He’s written a corker of a short story based around the starship Cyrium and its besiegement by alien Liberators? Will the crew beat off the attackers and live to see another day? Head over to his page and check it out! (And leave him a comment!)
  • I’ve actually not really been exposed to much zombie/horror fiction but this may be changing very soon! I read Si’s prologue to his story Grey Dawn a few months ago and I was pretty captivated! There’s a definite ominous sense of foreboding and I’m looking forward to new instalments – check it out!
  • If you’d rather something for your more auditory senses, be sure to go over to my friend Jamie’s site and check out his quite trippy electronic music compositions! Actually, Jamie’s a very talented guy and works very well not just on synths, but also guitar and piano! There’s a ton of stuff available on his Audio page; but do read the rest of his site!
  • Finally, there’s a good selection of sci-fi shorts that really get the mind going on Sam’s blog. Great little chunks of fiction that I really enjoyed! Pick one from the list here!

Anyway, that’s all I can think of. I feel that it’s important to not just promote my own work here, but also to give credit where credit is due and shout out to the excellent and promising work of others who have been extremely nice to me as I start off.