Website Update

It’s been aaages since my last  website update so it’s time to post an update on things!

The Colonisation edit is approaching its conclusion at last, with about 150 pages out of 170 edited and ready to be integrated into the manuscript! It’s been an extremely useful process and I feel I’ve learned a lot, though editing the book on a paper print-out poses an interesting challenge – how to best get those changes back into the digital version? I’m currently investigating the most efficient method of bringing my handwritten notes and the digital copy together and will post an update on the solution that I choose!

I’m feeling a little dry in regards to new short stories, but this is mainly on account of being pre-occupied with preparations with both Colonisation and my short story collection Rememories. The collection is finally shaping up nicely and should be available on Kindle before the month is out!

I’ve also become inspired lately to delve into the world of post-apocalyptic fiction. I’m in the very early stages of a project of unprecedented scope for me – developing one of my short stories into a novel! This is new to me, as I’d originally written the shorts as practise, really; but there’s a couple that readers have brought to my attention that could deserve sequels or adaptations into full works. This is exciting – I’ll announce the chosen short story later, once I know I’ve made the right choice!

Also in the works is an application to start a degree course in English Language and Literature with the Open University this autumn, which I feel will do me a lot of good developmentally as a writer, helping to turn this hobby into a viable profession, and possibly open doors into the professional writing industry which does appeal to me. I did some feedback recently for a few projects of friends and really enjoyed the process of marking up and providing an outside critique so who knows, maybe something along the lines of copyediting is a career possibility for me!

Anyway, I’ll aim to expand a few of the points raised in this update a bit later! Keep up to date with my RSS feed or pop your email into the subscription box to get my updates sent to your email!

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