Website Update

It’s been ages since I posted one of these updates so, to prove I’m still very much alive, here’s a lowdown on some current and upcoming projects:

Firstly, Colonisation is progressing well for it’s upcoming second edition; the paper edit has proved both an invaluable step and really quite enjoyable – I’d thought I’d fixed a lot with Colonisation initially but the new editing process has proved most cathartic and also very enlightening. I’m looking forward vey much to bringing Colonisation back to you in the second quarter of 2014!

I’ve also been hard at work making the first editing pass at my grand space opera The World Eaters. I’ve taken a lot on board from the Colonisation experience; thus I’m making the initial pass for The World Eaters on paper (actually quite a breeze in comparison; each chapter is 3-5 pages, whereas Colonisation chapters are about 8-12). Seeing as I had an entire year’s worth of experience gathered before I drafted The World Eaters initially, I’m expecting an easier edit and hope to have it in the hands of my beta-readers around about the summer.

Meanwhile, I’ve not forgotten about the Rememories collection, though the February date I’d initially pencilled in looks unlikely. I’ve however discovered a new head of steam in regards to that project and have organised accordingly to try to get it out in some form by the end of March.

Aside from those three “main” projects, I’m preparing to apply for an Open University degree course in English Literature and Creative Writing which I think will be a wholly positive thing to do. I’ve also taken a little leaf out of my friend Sam‘s example and over the coming weeks I hope to have some written question-and-answer posts with some exciting and talented people I’m gracious enough to know! From the fields of video-games to film-making to a few things in between, I’m sure these posts will provide a cool insight.

As ever, I’ll also try to add a few more short stories and reviews as and when appropriate, as I really do enjoy those posts!

Anyway, stay tuned folks! As always, if you want email notifications, check out the box at the top-right of the page, or get in touch direct via Facebook and Twitter! :-)

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