What I’m Doing This November

Usually at this time of year I’d be making an announcement in regards to the novel I’d be first-drafting as part of National Novel Writing Month, the annual “go on, I dare ya!” writing challenge in the month of November; however this year things are slightly different.

I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Allow me to explain: I’ve participated quite joyously with this mad scheme since 2010 and have completed it three times. Two of those entries are still under the scaffolding of editing and I think it’s about time I cleared my in-tray, as it were, before generating any more long-form work to sit on for ages.

This is not to say I don’t admire the NaNo concept; indeed, it’s been the kickstarter to my whole literary journey. However my priorities are to get Colonisation out in final final form and get editing my space opera The World Eaters in earnest. Both are projects I’m very passionate about and I just really want to work on them and ideally finish before encumbering myself with another project. I don’t really work very well with many things demanding my attention (ultimately none of the contenders win) so it’s time to remedy this before it gets too out of hand; though if you had two novel-length manuscripts to tame, would you say it’s not out of hand already?

I’m also going to be cracking down on researching writing courses for 2014, as I’ve decided it’s a craft I wanna devote serious effort to, even if my work is never, say, commercially successful or anything; it’s just something I really enjoy and want to get better at! Colonisation might just well get sent to a publisher at the end of this edit, watch this space!

I’ve a couple of posts lined up, a review and a short story! Stay tuned! :-)

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