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Outcome of Write Weekend

I realised that I never followed up my previous post about making good use of the Bank Holiday to get some concentrated work done on my various projects; this is that update.

The “Write Weekend” went well overall and I’m intending to take the concept further. I aimed to write 500 words a day on my short story (The Transdimensional Megastore) and managed, overall, about 1,300 words which has brought me considerably closer to finishing it! I also aimed to edit 15 pages of Colonisation manuscript and managed around 13 1/2, which again is below target but still considerable progress!

Reading my current Kindle book has broadly followed this trend but I’m trying to strike a balance there of enjoying the book, making progress and, naturally, getting some sleep!

In other news: I’ve been helping my good friend Jake get over some writer’s block with free writing, and he’s produced a wonderful little bit of flash fiction called The Antiad that I’d encourage you to read! Definitely will be emulating that at my earliest convenience! I’ve also got a post in mind about how I’d recommend planning a novel as I’ve luckily bitten a few friends with the writing bug and want to impart some of the wisdom I’ve gained onto them! So stay tuned!

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