Website Update

Just a quick heads up on the latest news regarding my website:

  • New domain: I’ve bought and you’re on it! Adds a final touch of professionalism and I hope it’s easier to remember! (Links to will still work, though OCD me would love if you could update them!)
  • Reading list: Eagle-eyed viewers may note that there’s a text in the top-right (under the search box) that lists what I’m currently reading. All of the entries will be catalogued throughout the year over on my reading list page, where you can find links to enjoy these things yourself.
  • Suggestion box: This is kinda related to the reading list,  but I’ve set up a form for you to suggest things for me to check out. These can be music, books or anything else – I’m open to suggestions!

Continue enjoying the site! I’m really happy with the progress so far; for January I somehow got nearly 640 hits for which I’m really grateful to all! I hope to go further in terms of original content and other fun stuff very soon!

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