New Beginnings

Hello world!

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you, one and all, to my new blog! I hope to have a lot of exciting content coming here in 2013 and can’t wait to share it with you here!

The site is still very much under construction but, over time, it’ll get there. The impetus to finally cross the threshold and make a clean break only came a week or so again and hence there’s a lot to do. So I ask you to be kindly patient while I get the decorating done and explore what you wish; get in touch if you have any ideas or stuff you want to see?

What will I mainly be writing about here, I can imagine you asking? Well, I’m going to keep this site going forward as mainly toward my endeavours in the realm of sci-fi writing and being a self-published author on Kindle, but don’t think I won’t dabble in controversy as I have done before – wouldn’t me be if I didn’t!

Anyway, happy new year to everyone! Let 2013 be a blast! :-)

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