The Thaw – Third Draft Triumph

It’s been two years and change since my last post about The Thaw having hit the second-draft milestone and it feels like an eternity.

However, I am thrilled and excited to announce this project has hit the third draft stage and you’ll be hearing a lot more about it from here on out!

So, firstly, what are my immediate plans?

The book is now in the hands of a smorgasbord of talented and helpful peers from across the globe who have agreed to act as beta-readers. I’d initially not planned to beta-read the third draft but I had decided that as I will be spending some time re-reading the new draft myself it would be silly not to invite some feedback from some kind souls whose generosity with that most valuable of resources – time – is most appreciated.

Some of the people who have volunteered are perhaps unfamiliar to the thriller genre that The Thaw strides so impertinently. While readers who are my target audience and familiar with the genre are excellent, it’s these outside voices that I’m finding myself even more curious to as it’s that outsider perspective that should hopefully give insightful commentary.

With the beta-read of this book I am not seeking agreement on what works about the book, though that would be very nice; indeed it’s that critical feedback on what could be changed that will help me take this to a fourth draft and then out into the journey of being, with any luck, published.

And that brings me onto the more long term aspirations for the project.

I am feeling determined to make a serious effort to get The Thaw published traditionally.

Mainly as I see it as a challenge, but also because this story, as I have rediscovered through the latest part of the edit, is actually really great. I am absolutely thrilled with how it’s turned out – sure, it’s not perfect but it’s getting polished to a really strong standard (if I say so myself).

It’s actually quite rare for me to have this much confidence in my own writing because I am by all means my own harshest critic, sometimes brutally so.

I’m especially harsh with myself given that I first started working on this book in 2016. In a way, it’s time to get this particular brainchild out of the door. I’ve recently rediscovered some vigour to my writing that has been lacking in intensity for a while – not to say I’ve not been productive but my recent efforts have been notably more passionate and I am going to capitalise on that momentum as I have so many ideas!

I really also want to be less cloak-and-dagger about my novel because it’s been so close to me for so long. I long to tell people about it and discuss it and just reflect on it! So, expect a lot more from me – and I’ll try not to spoil too much!

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