“Colonisation” – Extract 1

With only twenty days to go until my sci-fi novel Colonisation is complete, here’s an EXCLUSIVE EXTRACT to whet your appetites…

Colonisation - by Richard Holliday

The shuttle ship pivoted as it decelerated, and assumed an upright position relative to the Moon, before slowly backing down on the landing pad. Spindly metal feet folded out from the engine nacelles and cushioned our landing on the surface. I looked to my right, out toward the resin screen. I’d decided by this point it definitely was resin.

“Look!” I said, almost to myself. All I could see was darkness and the unmistakable grey, pockmarked lunar surface, battered by millennium upon millennium of celestial impacts and collisions.

All of a sudden there was no sound at all.

We’d landed. The doors opened. There was another gantry waiting, but this time not tucked neatly in a snug silo, but built onto the surface of the moon. The harnesses holding us to our seats released, and we all floated up toward the top like helium balloons straining at their cords. I suddenly felt very, very light. Like a feather floating through space.

from Chapter 5

Colonisation is on course for release on March 31st 2013. Visit the project page for more info!

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