Publishing Plans

I’ve been quite busy recently with the editing work on Colonisation for it’s imminent release. I’ve really been enjoying reading over it and taking on board some of the really useful feedback that I have received. You’re going to really enjoy it!

Today I want to talk about how exactly I plan on getting Colonisation out to you, the reader, for your enjoyment.

Short term goals are to get my book out on the Kindle store for its initial release. The Kindle is by and large the best place to initially market the book as the Kindle ecosystem is so prevalent. It’s also free and extremely easy to do so – my short story Oranges and Lemons has been on Kindle for a while now and I’ve not had bad experiences from it. Obviously I realise that there isn’t just one ebook retailer; I will work on getting Colonisation out onto Nook, Goodreads, iBooks and Smashwords (which I believe sends to all of those) in the weeks following release.

While ebooks are indeed considerably easier to publish independently by someone like myself, I’ve been asked a few times about physical copies of my work. This is something I’ve given though to as well, and I do plan to offer, through print-on-demand service CreateSpace, printed copies of Colonisation for you to buy. It’ll take me a while to sort out the formatting, but it’s something I will be doing.

I’m really excited about the possibilities that, as a fledgling author, has at their disposal to make their work really accessible. However, I’m not going to be discounting the “traditional” publishing route and will be looking to take the plunge there too; however, I will sell Colonisation myself for the immediate term. Naturally, if any of this changes I won’t hesitate to post an update on my blog.

Hope you can hold your excitement in for a little bit longer!

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