Short Stories


The Boreal SingularitySpace opera, 6,082 words, 25/02/2013

The Boreal Singularity is a ship designed to mine hazardous tundreum from giant nebulae, but will it survive it’s latest mission?

The Lone Star Express – Space opera, 5,953 words, 18/03/2013
Hijacked by terrorists, the interplanetary train known as the Lone Star Express hurtles toward oblivion, leaving one scared crewmember to avoid disaster.

Simulacrum – Space opera, 7,741 words, 12/06/2013
The decrepit old waste processing station Refinerum utilises a disposable, clone workforce. A consignment of military waste proves disastrous.

Medusa Dawn – Space opera, 7,338 words, 27/10/2013
An impossible space station orbits Venus, purporting to be the greatest shopping destination in the solar system. Can the inaugural tour escape alive?

The Jump  – Cyberpunk, 1,342 words, 10/08/2013
Across the futuristic city of The Bay, a fugitive is one jump away from saving his sister from a ruthless criminal.

Awaiting Instructions – Cyberpunk, 1,069 words, 22/09/2013
A robot is born under the mechanical arms of industry and searches for its purpose – and its name.

Criticality – Space opera, 1,642 words, 1/12/2013
Maddoc is a student on the science ship Pompey and becomes an experiment. When the ship crashes, he is left to become the only survivor of a nuclear tomb.

The Cloud – Post Apocalyptic, 2,039 words, 13/12/2013 (revised 13/09/2014)
An alien miasma descends on London, and the city is steadily consumed. Will the last man escape the dying city before the Cloud claims him?


Transference – Cyberpunk, 1,363 words, 1/01/2014
An elderly professor lives with his robotic companion who decides to test the First Law to save its creator.

Starstruck – Science fiction, 2,557 words, 18/01/2014
The Winter Ball at the Hope Academy descends into terror when a meteor impacts on the school, leaving the students fighting to escape alive.

The Game – Cyberpunk, 955 words, 23/01/2014
The Game presents the most vivid interactive experience ever devised, derived through the user’s imagination – but which hides a terrible bug.

Infinite Scroll – Cyberpunk, 1.473 words, 6/03/2014
Humanity entrusts a computer to log the memories of an entire species, but when space runs out, conscious thoughts end up being overwritten.

Purity – Cyberpunk, 1,096 words, 9/04/2014
The technological secret to curing genetic diseases is borne of a brainwave but will it be used for the good of humanity or enable literal ethnic cleansing?

Mimic – Cyberpunk, 790 words, 16/05/2014
When people use robotic proxies that bear an unsettling likeness for their own ends, knowing whether a man is really a machine can kill.

Piracy – Cyberpunk, 4,042 words, 15/06/2014
The Connected World is a pervasive online world built around users real identities – but what happens when pirates raid the system?

Just Keep Running – 299 words, 2/08/2014
The horrors of war lead the survivors to just keep running.
This story is not available for download as a .mobi

The Prospectors – Science Fiction, 6,394 words, 26/08/2014
Wellhead is an oil town in crisis, with mysterious deaths turning the population on themselves as the town becomes the gateway for an alien invasion.

Colour Blind – Cyberpunk, 1,611 words, 10/10/2014
The degenerate remains of the human race rediscover the ability to see in colour, and learn a lot more about the actions of their ancestors 

Epicentre – Post-apocalyptic, 4,281 words, 17/11/2014
A strange flash in the sky sparks a nuclear armageddon in 1970s England. One man must lead his family through a forest of the dead to safety, and a new world.


Traffic – Cyberpunk, 1,611 words, 26/01/2015
An errant AI running the public transport system in London… for its own ends (1,888 words)


Safety Yellow  – 299 words, 2/08/2014

A story about a sentient banana.

All of my free short stories can be downloaded in Kindle format from my Dropbox here!

All short stories © Richard Holliday, 2012-2015. While I encourage you to share my work with others if you liked it, please provide links with an attribution here instead of just copying them. Much appreciated! :-)

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