Doctor Who: Reverence of the Daleks

In 2017 myself and a team of local filmmakers comprised of my friends Gary Thomas and Mark Lever embarked upon a project to make our own 25-minute fan-made version of the venerable British TV show Doctor Who.

The film, Reverence of the Daleks, features a cast including my good friend Elliot Stammers as the Doctor, his wife Elise Stammers as the Doctor’s companion, Jennifer; and my friend and Big Finish alumni Charlie Ross as UNIT Captain Reynolds. We also had an amazing array of small parts portrayed by great actors such as Paul Valentine, Anthony Styles and John Bagenal

Myself as Producer with the TARDIS, May 2018

The TARDIS is drawn off course to a secret military installation. Captain Reynolds has a special demonstration to show the Doctor, which puts the Time Lord up close and personal with his most feared adversary… with the fate of the planet at stake!

Reverence of the Daleks was written and produced by myself, directed by Gary Thomas and featured Mark Lever as Director of Photography. We shot the film over two years in Epsom and Ewell, Surrey. You can view the latest trailer below:

This was a really fun project to work on – a true labour of love as myself, Gary and Mark are big fans of Doctor Who, and we wanted this to be a real love-letter to the programme – it was very exciting to work on set with a real Dalek and TARDIS prop! It was my first proper film project as both screenwriter and producer and it was quite an education on both fronts. Overall, we all had a lot of fun making the film and working with some true professionals and the result speaks for itself.

Elliot Stammers as the Doctor, a Dalek and Charlie Ross as Captain Reynolds, October 2017

Reverence of the Daleks is currently being edited and is estimated for online release in late 2019.