Nightmare Tenant Launch Giveaway

To celebrate the release of my novella Nightmare Tenant, I’ve decided to reward those who have supported my book with some exclusive goodies that could be yours!

Yet to buy the book? You can do so on Amazon UK and Amazon US in paperback and Kindle eBook formats.

What’s in the goodie bag?

For your support, I am giving away a selection of signed paperbacks and signed A3 prints to those that enter this giveaway between March 27th and April 30th 2021.

There are 2 signed paperbacks and 5 signed A3 posters of the cover available in total. These will be personalised to the winners.

How to enter:

Please send an email with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Proof of purchase (this can be a screengrab of your order confirmation)
  • Which edition you bought (Paperback or eBook)


or message me with the above on
Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

between March 27th and April 30th 2021.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Giveaway closes!

If you send me your email address, I will also add your name to my monthly newsletter. If you do not wish to be subscribed please say so in your communication.

The best thing you can do to help me with this is not just to purchase the book (which is fantastic) but to also leave a review when you’ve read it, so please consider doing so – I would be greatly appreciative!

Contest rules:

  • Only entries received by between March 27th and April 30th will be entered. A draw will be held on Saturday May 1st 2021 to determine the winners. Update (17th April 2021): previously, entrants were only to be made by email but now can be made by social media on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Due to time differences, please make sure your email is sent before 23:59 GMT (UK Time) on April 30th 2021. Entries that show up on my email dated May 1st cannot be counted, sorry. Fair’s fair.
  • Please make sure your email includes the 4 pieces of information above: Full name, Email Address, Proof of Purchase, Edition you bought. Depending on the volume of entrants, I may not be in a position to follow up incomplete entries for all the various pieces of information.
  • Emails will be, by default, added to my mailing list for a monthly newsletter. If you wish to opt out of this, please make this clear in your entry.
  • I may do the draw as a live-stream event (to be announced in my newsletter first and then my blog) so don’t enter if you are not happy with the possibility of your name being read out live over the Internet.
  • Those that win will be contacted privately for their mailing/postal address.
  • To be as fair as possible I am asking for the edition you bought; ideally, those who already have the paperback will get a signed A3 print and Kindle/eBook customers will get a paperback (eBook customers will get something physical this way and paperback customers will already own the book physically). This is all dependent on the random nature of the draw though so this cannot be guaranteed if your name is picked.