Published Work

Oranges and LemonsOranges and Lemons

Published 27/09/2012

A gritty and desperate tale of hope against seemingly unwinnable odds, Oranges and Lemons tells the story of Scott Whitney as he tries to fight against a great beast that threatens to ruin his farm and tear his family apart – a fight that has tragic consequences.

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Published 05/05/2014

Rememories is a collection of edited short stories (mainly space opera/science fiction) written by me over the course of 2013. Go on a series of intergalactic adventures today!

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Published as part of the SciFi Max Cyberpunk Special – March 2015

When one’s identity is forms the avatar for a new immersive virtual reality world, what happens when that identity is stolen and to what lengths must one young man go to retrieve his life from the ultimate act of digital piracy?

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All short stories are © Richard Holliday 2013-2015. All rights reserved.


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