Website Update

As ever, it’s been ages since my last website update but it’s a pertinent time to post an update on where my current projects are heading!

I’ve recently completed the FutureLearn Start Writing Fiction course which proved quite fascinating for furthering my skills. I definitely felt it was advantageous; proved to me that my sci-fi is a bit of a “comfort zone” that I default to to avoid the tricky business of characterisation, but the course had some great insight into how to craft better, more wholesome, round characters and base stories around them. It’s also been interesting from the point of giving me some better critical skills when it comes to writing and reading I feel will be beneficial when I go into full-time study of Creative Writing in September. I’m also going to, after a final wave of editing, post my final story from the course as well as the two prior pieces of work I wrote during the course.

I’ve also finally finished the second draft of my first proper short film, Doors, which I will absolutely be telling all about in a very future blogpost! The writing and feedback process has been another instance in which my workflow adapts to new ideas and a new format, and I look forward to working on the script more over the latter course of the year with the hope to put this into production in 2016 with the help of my good friends, filmmakers Gary Thomas and Mark Lever.

I’m currently getting my teeth into two “big” projects for the rest of the year:

  • I’m about to begin serious work on the next stage of rewriting Mars Zero (formerly Colonisation); integrating a lot of the structural and creative changes I want into my current draft. I’m hoping to steam through the next “paper edit” before September so I can, in my spare time, work on integrating those eventual changes into my draft. It’s going to be a lot of work but I reckon my evolved narrative is worth it.
  • I’m also beginning the groundwork for developing my post-apocalyptic novel idea, The Thaw (formerly After the Winter),  into a fully outlined and ready-to-draft project. I’ve had a lot of disparate ideas for backstory and character that I am tying into a cohesive world to hang my main story on. Looking over my initial notes from a while ago, the idea remains structurally sound, but it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves from the transition to fleshed-out project outline.

I’m feeling quite steely about these projects. It’s not too much on my plate that I can’t work on without feeling bogged down. I may try to get a short story or two out but my efforts are concentrated on my “big” projects at the moment, as I feel that I have been somewhat neglectful, and they’re worthy of the attention right now!

Over the course of July I will absolutely be introducing both Doors and The Thaw to you in dedicated posts! It’ll be great to share some of my ideas!

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