FutureLearn: Fiction Course participation

On the behest of my good friend Gary I’ve signed up for FutureLearn’s “Start Writing Fiction” course.

This is an online-based course that aims to help people get writing, with a focus on the central skill of creating characters. This seems a great idea; often in my work I feel my characterisation is my weakest skill. Usually I’m great with concepts but less successful creating characters to experience those concepts (usually I find my own characters to essentially be cardboard cut outs, to be pulped at my whim).

Even as an established writer, I feel it’s great to be able to take opportunities like this to get a better sense for my craft and hopefully learn some new skills so I can write better things in the future! If I can say at the end of this I’ve learned some new ideas for making my writing better and more enjoyable for readers, I’d say it’s a success!

The course is free and estimates to require around 3 hours a week commitment for 8 weeks. I’m of the opinion that anyone with a predilection and passion for writing should at least give it a go; there’s no monetary commitment needed and even the busiest of busy people should be able to find three hours a week to better spend learning something creative!

I’ll hopefully post a couple more posts as the course goes on to highlight my progress! But I’m seriously looking forward to this – it’s a new direction after all!

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