Website Update

It’s been ages since my last update and I think it’s high time for a new one to let you know what the first month of 2015 has heralded!

Resolutions so far are holding up generally well; feel I’m being more productive each week and also more adventurous in what I’m doing. Wouldn’t say I’ve quite adapted to my new workflow completely but steps have been made. For February I’m aiming to draw up a weekly planner of what work I want to get accomplished. Part of my new psyche is to be able to adapt creatively to stuff that comes up – no use staying to a rigid plan if it’s not working!

Anyway, what did I get done in January?

  • Finished the first draft of my Doors sci-fi/psychological short film screenplay. I’m really looking forward to developing this over the course of the next few months. Next month I hope to be able to bring together a formal announcement of what the project is and how I’ll be proceeding with it along with my collaborators in the later stages of 2015
  • I kept to my promise to release a short story in the last week of every month with Traffic, which was a really fun experiment both in terms of writing style and conceptually. Errant AIs are definitely a fun plaything! Definitely give that a read and let me know what you make of it!
  • On a personal level, I have not consumed a single carbonated drink all month, and feel better for it.

There’s a load of things I want to get going again in the next month, too.

  • Hoping to publicly unveil Doors and a couple of other collaborations I’ve been involved in behind-the-scenes work with so far this month.
  • Post another short story, and make a couple of contest/entry submissions to get my work out there
  • I’ve also been giving my sci-fi novel Colonisation a lot of thought, so I hope to be able to tell you all about the exciting new direction it’s headed in.

Look forward to posting again soon! All the best, and keep on reading my stuff!

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