New Years Resolutions

I thought it might be fun and interesting to talk about my goals for 2013.

I’m not going to bleat on about personal weight-loss and other quite vacuous topics (not that they’re being dismissed; quite the contrary) but I would rather today go into detail a bit about writing-y resolutions that have occurred to me.

  • Read more frequently – I have to be a great reader to be a great writer; therefore, I want to maximise my exposure to the work of others. I want to therefore get through a book every 2-3 weeks at the very least.
  • Get Colonisation out the door – I’ve had a few issues with the tardiness of beta-readers. Whatever, I’ve had assurances from more than one that feedback is incoming; saying that, getting my beloved Colonisation out in the first three months of the year is a priority.
  • Write a short story every month – I really do want to write more actual short stories (~5,000 words); I’ve seen they can be fun and good exercise. Again, practise makes perfect; I’ll need to capitalise on even the slightest glimmer of an idea – of which I have a lot – and work on them.
  • Complete the initial edit of The World Eaters by the end of August – I’m taking a bit of a different tack to The World Eaters than Colonisation; TWE is arguably a longer, more complex book but one I’m in love with, universe-wise. I aim to have it out by January 2014 at the latest, hopefully quite a bit earlier!

I hope this has been somewhat informative of what the year ahead has in store. I aim to put out a fair bit of original content, but novels I have found are an annual occurrence. In time I hope to be able to get more projects running concurrently but having about ten shorts and a full novel out by the close of the year seems a good plan.

What are you most excited about, readers? And if you have any suggestions or feedback; leave a comment! :-)

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions”

  1. I like the idea of TWE and know it will come in time! but I am soooo looking forward to Colonisation, after you read an extract at my event, it really hyped me up!
    My imagination goes wild just thinking about what this novel could contain!

  2. Great plans for the year, I would say. I particularly like your plan to write a short story every month..look forward to filling up my Kindle with much more of your work. Oranges & Lemons is great, but Quigley Hubb was so enjoyable :-)

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